Memoirs of a Deedleberry

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Sebastião Salgado surveys the installation of his exhibition Genesis, which opens this Friday. Don’t miss it! (at ICP - International Center of Photography)

Can I call people props?


In street photography you walk a lot, and a lot of the time it is taught as a basic ‘rule’ that you have to be quick with the shutter to capture the moment, ‘freeze it in time’. Bull shit. Well to an extent I believe it is. I agree there are a lot of photographers that do it well, Paul Russell and David Solomons jump to mind quickly, there work is witty and humorous, and very quick. But I don’t believe it is the be all end all of street photography that some sites believe.

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There was so many fallen trees in the Kielder forests, I could have filled several rolls in a few hours if needed. 
Not really my thing, but it’s a nice exposure, so…